Waterproof Cases for iPhones,iPads and Remotes are Great for Outdoor Entertaining

No need to worry that controlling your outdoor speakers and televisions will be an issue around water any longer.  There are cases to protect them from the water splashing that comes with enjoying your outdoor space during the summer.  Below is an excerpt from an article sharing the different options available.


Outdoor Remotes and Smartphones Need Extra Protection

Outdoor remotes or waterproof cases for backyard control.

July 08, 2013 by Grant Clauser

In addition to the home theater or media room, the backyard is one of the most popular places for audio/video and control system installations. We’ve featured many impressive outdoor integration systems, from huge patio theaters to extensive speaker and lighting systems, but one thing they all have in common is the need for remote control in an environment that’s not always conducive to the remotes or interfaces we use indoors.

But there are options. Just as speakers, subwoofers and HDTVs now come in waterproof/weatherproof outdoor versions, so do some remotes controls. With the right remote, you don’t have to worry that a poolside accident or surprise thundershower is going to ruin your precious electronics. A few of the outdoor remotes (shown in the accompanying slideshow) actually float, so you can use them in your pool, not just poolside.



But what if your main control system interface is actually your iPhone or iPad? This is an increasingly common situation. While many homes will have in-wall touchpanels and keypads, the in-hand remotes are often mobile devices. A great solution for those users is a waterproof case. Some waterproof cases are bulky and look more like sandwich bags than something for your elegant smart phone, but a few are slim and stylish enough to stay on your phone full-time. In fact there are even floating options, so your device won’t sink when accidentally kicked in the drink (by the way, these are also great options for boaters).



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