The New iPhone 5S and Fingerprint Technology

There is some buzz that when Apple releases the new iPhone 5S there will be fingerprint technology incorporated into the home button.  It seems like an interesting concept and the way future technology is leading us.  Below are some excerpts from an article in Forbes written by Anthony Wing Kosner.

“Most accounts have indicated that initially the sensor will be able to authenticate a user on the device, as the lock screen passcode does now, but not yet be capable of secure payments. The payment piece will obviously be a really big deal, and many companies are pursuing that grail, but fingerprint authentication, if it works reliably, will be a big boon to Apple in winning over enterprise IT departments.”

iPhone 5S Fingerprint

“Everyone is looking at what this new phone can do, and one of the key things is fingerprint authentication,” Um told USA Today. “People are underestimating what this technology can do.” Indeed, the authentication feature has been the one genuinely new aspect of the 5S that has surfaced,leading me to speculate that the “S” will stand for “security.” In combination with iOS 7′s iCloud Keychain, the fingerprint scanner could make the use of the new iPhones both more spontaneous and more secure.

“Apple will not be alone, particularly in the pursuit of biometric authentication for payments. PayPal president David Marcus predicts that, ”Within the next two years the vast majority of high-end smartphones will have biometrics and mainly fingerprint logins. It’s going to be very useful for payments.”

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