Structured Home Solutions Featured with Blansfield Builders in Tech Home Builder Article

An article was just recently published in Tech Home Builder featuring our company and our excellent working relationship with Blansfield Builders of Danbury, Connecticut.  It highlights how the owner, Jim Blansfield, of Blansfield Builders has been incorporating technology and the Elan g! system into the homes he has been building.  He expresses how easy it is to control thermostats, check cameras, adjust lighting and open your garage door all through an iPhone or iPad device.  The ease of control and price point make it appealing to homebuyers.

The Game-Changing Value of Home Control

How two homebuilders use home control systems to add value to their offerings and meet high-tech expectations.

By: Steve Castle, Editor-in-Chief

Courtesy of Blansfield Builders

Jim Blansfield is not your ordinary homebuilder. He builds 3,500-to-11,000-square-foot custom homes in rural Connecticut near Danbury and Westchester County, NY and yet his talk with prospective clients usually includes a very commonplace exchange. He takes out his smartphone and shows them how he can control various systems at his own Vermont home.

“All I have to do is show them a demo of what I can do with my house from my phone,” he says. “I show them the cameras, turn the lights on and open the garage door — and they think it’s amazing.”

The next thing you know, an Elan g! Home Control system is going into the house, allowing homebuyers to operate audio/video, lighting, security, HVAC systems and more from
touchscreens, remote controls and mobile smartphones and tablets.

The Elan system installed in Blansfield’s homes can typically cost the homebuyer an additional $10,000 to $20,000. The systems are installed by Structured Home Solutions of Sherman, Connecticut.

After Blansfield shows his potential clients and architects how he can operate the systems in his own home, he brings in Structured Home Solutions to work with those who want to have a full system installed while the house is being constructed. Others may opt for a prewire or a base system and add to it later. Structured Home Solutions works as a subcontractor with Blansfield through the closing, after which the custom electronics integration firm performs upgrades independently.

“Jim’s our best salesman. He absolutely loves the system, and putting the system in his hands is one of the best things we can do,” says David Febbraio, owner of Structured Home Systems. “When you put it in [the homebuyers’] hands and they see how easy it is to use, they see how they can use it in their own homes.”

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