Solar Cells Charge Electronics In Our Clothes

Today, almost all of us carry a smartphone or tablet.  The ease of charging it when you are away from your home can be challenging at times.  Pennsylvania State University is working on new technology that will incorporate solar charging capabilities into clothing.  Now that’s convenient!! Below is an excerpt from an article in Discover magazine.

Wearable Solar Cells Power Electronics

One day you may be able to recharge your phone by plugging it into your clothes.

By Gregory Mone|Friday, October 11, 2013

A drained smartphone battery often sends us hunting for the nearest outlet, if there even are any. But within a decade, we might be wearing the outlet.

In a world of fabrics infused with the power of the sun, recharging could be as simple as plugging devices in to our clothes. Helping this potential future along, chemist John Badding and his colleagues at Pennsylvania State University recently embedded solar cells within flexible wires that can be woven into fabric.

solar clothing







The potential applications for solar threads include flexible garments that could draw power from the sun and allow people to recharge their phones and other devices on the run, but Badding notes there are some broader applications as well.

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