Custom Installations versus Big Box Companies

Below you can read a portion of an article from Electronic House that discusses Verizon and custom install companies. Here is an example why custom installation companies are the choice for companies such as Elan, Control 4 and Savant.  These companies spend a great deal of time developing their products and know that custom installers are the way to go.

Verizon Automation and Monitoring Not Smooth Sailing
Verizon’s problem or user error?


“The home control and automation market can breathe a little easier because it looks like Verizon won’t be taking over that business.”

Verizon phone photo


“Over the past several months Verizon has been rolling out its basic home control and monitoring service to FiOS users across the country (not available in all locations yet). When Verizon announced the service as an affordable, DIY, alternative to professionally-installed control and security systems, some people the in the control and installation business were concerned. Well, we’ve seen these off-the-shelf systems come and go over the years and for the most part they remained a small niche for people who knew what they were doing and were willing to live with a few glitches. However, when you buy a system and a service plan from a huge company like Verizon you expect it to work, right?”


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