Technology for Your Home and the Way You Live


Below is a portion of an article on the top 10 technology devices for your home. It provides information on each technology and why it’s a good idea to utilize the technology that is available for your home and the way you live.

Top 10 Technologies for Your Home

Experts pick the must-haves for anyone looking to make their house smarter.

May 17, 2013 | by Lisa Montgomery

In the world of home technology there are options galore. You can spend a lot or a little, focus on audio only or buy into a system that will help you save energy. However, there are a few basics that every homeowner can benefit from, regardless of the type of house you live in. You might not be able to afford everything on this list of must-haves, but it serves as a good building block, offering suggestions that can make a real difference in the comfort, convenience and efficiency of your home. Contributing to this story are custom electronics (CE) professionals Bjorn Jensen of WhyReboot, Miami, Fla.; Christian Lawrence of Insight Home Solutions, Phoenix; and John Goldene of Digital Home Technologies, Palatine, Ill. In no particular order:

1. Universal Remote Control: This one device can simplify the control of even the most complicated of entertainment systems. It can do the job of multiple remotes, consolidating controls for your TV, stereo receiver, Blu-ray Disc player, video projector, even the lights. When programmed accordingly, all it takes it one touch of a button to activate multiple devices, readying a system for movie night in seconds instead of several minutes.

RTI universal remote

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Counterfeit Electronics Ring Arrested and Convicted

Below you will read an excerpt from an article that highlights the arrest and conviction of a counterfeit online electronic equipment ring.  Buyer beware…..what you buy from an online source is not always what you believe it to be.  It’s always a good idea to purchase through an authorized dealer to ensure you are purchasing quality equipment.

Monster Announces That Internet Counterfeiter Michael Reeder Has Been Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison in the U.K.

Monster, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of premium lifestyle headphones, is pleased to announce that rogue Internet trader Michael Reeder, 35, of Carbis Close, Port Solent, Portsmouth, who was convicted on March 19(th) of 13 offences under the Trade Marks Act, was sentenced today to 30 months in prison by Portsmouth Crown Court in the U.K. This is one of the heaviest sentences ever levied against a counterfeit trader of Monster products in the U.K., and marks a major step forward in Monster’s continuing global battle to protect consumers and retailers against purveyors of counterfeit, unregulated products.


counterfeitsThis is a picture taken from CES which displays genuine devices vs. counterfeits currently sold online. Although SHS does not sell the camera batteries being displayed, this applies to ALL electronics sold online from headphones to TV’s as indicated in this article. So often our sales are compared to what is found online but as you can see, things are not always equal online.

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Structured Home Solutions Featured in Elan g! System Article with Blansfield Builders

The following excerpts are from an article published on Friday, April 12, 2013 on the Elan Home System website.  In this article Jim Blansfield of Danbury, Connecticut is featured using the Elan g! system in many of the homes he has built and continues to use in the majority of homes he builds today.  Structured Home Solutions has been working alongside Jim Blansfield for seven years and continues to have a great working relationship.  David was introduced to Jim on a common job and they developed a strong working relationship that has continued to develop over the years.

Here are some excerpts from the article.


Forward-thinking homebuilder makes integrated control the foundation of every new home he builds — using the ELAN® g! Entertainment and Control System.

“I’m a believer in ‘the new normal’ way of thinking,” he said, “and with the affordable and expandable control solutions made possible by ELAN g!, home control is the new normal! In the past two years, I’ve closed several new homes by demoing the g! system for prospective clients. The buyers are consistently impressed that I include technology in my designs and recommendations, because many other builders minimize the importance of home technologies. For builders, their resistance to change is going to hurt them in the long run.

To date, Blansfield has built 13 homes that include ELAN g! systems of varying size and complexity. Whether the new buyers were looking for enhanced security, HVAC scheduling, lighting, irrigation and pool controls, or super simple whole-home audio and video systems, every client received a custom solution tailored to their specific needs. From a business perspective, Blansfield knows that his knowledge, appreciation and passion for technology place him in an entirely different category from other builders.


Outside Lutron Lighting

Blansfield’s final words of wisdom are perhaps the most important of all for any homebuyer or builder looking to dive into home control — make sure you work with a qualified professional installer! ELAN Home Systems has developed a worldwide network of trained professionals who install and program systems to fit the precise requirements of each job, and there is no substitute for a system that works right the first time.

“Hiring a skilled, knowledgeable, reliable contractor is the glue that holds the whole project together,” he advised. “I’ve been working with Dave Febbraio of Structured Home Solutions for seven years, and his dedication to ongoing customer service and timely, get-it-right-the-first-time track record give me confidence that every one of my clients will love their system. As home technology gets more and more complex in its abilities, while getting even easier to operate for the end-user, certified professionals will increasingly provide the service and support that enables everything to run smoothly and allow the users to forget there is a sophisticated system at work. All they need to know is that they can turn down the lights, turn up the heat and start their movie with a few simple buttons. And if they want to do all that from work or from halfway around the world, all they need is an iOS or Android device. It’s that simple.”

According to custom integrator Dave Febbraio, “It’s a pleasure to work with Jim because he truly is a forward thinking builder, which is so rare. As he said, most builders today are still afraid of technology. Jim knows control systems are necessary for new homes and that any builders who are not incorporating them are doing their clients a disservice. This is something Jim is passionate about, and he loves showing off the ELAN g! system we installed in his Vermont home. His enthusiasm for the work we do is so evident that people quickly realize how necessary it is and that it must be part of their new home.”

Blansfield Builders ( has been building and remodeling with the help of top architects, designers and technology integrators since the company’s founding in 1985. Since 2002 the company has won 20 HOBI Awards in the categories of new homes, interior design, remodels, kitchen design and home features from the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Connecticut, Inc.

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Structured Home Solutions Wins Big at CEA Awards 2013

Our company, Structured Home Solutions, LLC was honored in Las Vegas, Nevada during the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2013. The Mark of Excellence Awards are awarded by the Consumer Electronic Association(CEA) during the CES show. Awards were presented to the companies that excel in one or more of the fourteen categories they were eligible to enter their company into. Our company was entered into two categories. We were entered into the Multi-Room Audio/Video Project of the Year and Custom Home of the Year($50,000-$150,000). We are very proud and excited to say that we won in both categories. We were awarded Platinum in Multi-Room Audio/Video Project of the Year and Gold in Custom Home of the Year. It was an amazing experience to be nominated and then to receive awards in both categories. We work hard everyday to provide quality products and custom installations to meet our clients needs and it is nice to see an award at the end of the day to validate that what we do lives up the quality of work we provide. It’s an added little bonus. Everyone likes a little pat on the back every now and again.


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Structured Homes Solutions Awards at CEA 2013

Florida Home Tech Makeover for Red Sox Catcher Saltalamacchia

We are excited to announce that one of our installs has been featured by Electronic House Magazine.  This particular install is in the home of Jarrod Saltalamacchia, the catcher for the Boston Red Sox.  Please take a moment to read the article and look at the great photos that are featured.

“Cutting-edge technology makes life at home pretty sweet for Salty. But it’s because his day job keeps him on the road so much that MLB catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia (the guy with the longest name in baseball history has a very convenient nickname) began exploring how a high-tech makeover could benefit his family’s West Palm Beach, Fla., home. Salty doesn’t need to think about the threat of stolen property—and the safety of his family—while he tries to stop stolen bases during the season, and a beefed-up security system delivers peace of mind whether he’s “home” up in Boston or on a Red Sox road trip.”

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CE Pro Magazine Features SHS

Our company was featured in an industry magazine spotlighting the changes in our company.  Our company has continued to grow since this article was published.  We are very proud of our success and strive to continue to be a client oriented company making customer service our number one priority.