About Us

Structured Home Solutions, LLC is located in Sherman, Connecticut. The company was founded in 2002 by David Febbraio and his wife Maryanne. David is the chief operations officer. He manages the SHS team, meets all clients, designs each project to meet the individual needs of all clientele and the head technician on all projects. He works with each client to ensure each system meets their individual needs and incorporates state of the art products. Maryanne manages the office, coordinates all scheduling between staff and clientele and updates the social media outlets and stays on top of marketing. SHS has been serving residential and commercial clients since its inception. We believe customer satisfaction is top priority and pride ourselves in meeting our client’s needs.



David Febbraio is the owner and chief operator of Structured Home Solutions, LLC. Dave became interested in electronics as a young kid and by the age of 14 he was installing car stereos into his older brother’s friend’s cars. As he became older his love for music, clear sound and lots of bass became evident.

His own cars had customized stereo systems with exceptional sound–the louder the better. He had developed a solid knowledge base on speakers, sound clarity and he was building his own speaker boxes to be installed in cars. As an adult he continued to have a love for electronics and technology and soon began implementing his knowledge in his own home.

David has a degree in Criminal Justice and at the age of 22 his career path led him into a position as a Connecticut State Trooper. He enjoyed this career for 9 years until he was injured on the job in an altercation with an unstable man. Doctors would not approve his return to the road as a State Trooper, due to his injuries, and he retired after 9 years.

David worked part time for a small electronics company that did residential and commercial work. They installed structured wire bundles, cameras, home theaters, security systems and some lighting control. He gained excellent knowledge and when that company dissolved, to move onto bigger prospects, David decided to open his own company. David went on to become CEDIA certified as a level 1 installer, gained his Fire and Burglar Alarm license and reached the highest level in training certification in Lutron’s Radio Ra II products. He also went on to complete certification programs with many manufacturers and he is an NTS certified installer. After completing three rounds of NTS certification David was asked to become an instructor. He declined the position, however, to focus his attention on SHS.

David formed Structured Home Solutions, LLC in 2002 and became incorporated in 2004. Dave is the main “go to guy” on all projects. He is involved in every project each step of the way. He meets with each client for system design, he is always available for his client’s questions and he directs the crew to get each project completed. SHS works hard to meet all client needs and deliver an exceptional product. The company has grown over the years and have successfully provided clients with whole house systems that are tailored to individual clients. SHS is proud to be a company that strives for customer satisfaction and works closely with all clients to ensure all of their needs have been met.




Maryanne Febbraio is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. She has her Master of Science degree from Western Connecticut University in Instructional Technology. She worked as an elementary education teacher teaching first grade for 10 years before resigning from that position to stay home and raise her two daughters. She worked alongside David Febbraio from the onset of starting the business in 2003. She didn’t get fully involved in the daily operations of Structured Home Solutions, LLC until 2006. She now manages the office and is responsible for marketing and updating the social media outlets.




IMG_6071Christopher Kelvin is a graduate of SUNY Delhi where he studied architecture and engineering. Before joining the SHS team he worked in the construction industry for 26 years. The knowledge he gained during those years has been valuable in his current position with Structured Home Solutions,LLC as an installer. Chris joined the SHS team in May 2011. He is able to address different scenarios and problem solve to complete all aspects of each job and provide stellar customer service to all clients. He pays attention to detail and all finish work. Chris enjoys listening to music, working with computers and researching science and technology areas in his time away from SHS. Chris is an asset to the Structured Home Solutions team.


IMG_6070Andrew Orzech graduated from Henry Abbott Technical School in June 2008. He focused his studies on residential and commercial wiring. From 2007-2011 Andrew apprenticed under a certified electrician in the New Milford area. He then went on to to work with an HVAC company and gained general knowledge of the workings of heating and air conditioning and some construction aspects. Andrew joined the SHS team in November 2011 as an installer. He has gone on to become certified in the fast track to Elan’s g! program in June 2012. His schooling and work experience have allowed Andrew to grow and become a valuable SHS team member. Andrew also completed a nationally recognized emt-b class at Danbury Hospital in early 2012 and he has been CPR certified since his early teens. When Andrew isn’t dedicating his time to SHS he enjoys road cycling and swimming.